Monday, 14 January 2013

So, What makes a domestic Goddess?

Domestic Goddessing begins, in my opinion, with a good pinny!

I have 3 or 4 that I use regularly as looking the part is half the journey. Truth be told, I'm not an enormous fan of many domestic duties (Shhhh!) so I do find a good pinny really inspires me to focus on what I'm doing and do it well!

My pinny of choice number 1 is a Cath Kidston number bought for me by my very dear friend Emily a few years ago and was my first bit of CK chic. It has been worn and washed at least a hundred times and wears well. I find the large front pocket vital for holding my phone (I'm a HUGE fan of BBC Good Food recipes online!) and other assorted accessories- hair bobble, tea towel, spoons....

The fact that it is an all-over pinny is great when vigorously stirring bolognaise sauce as I do have a habit of splashing pasatta on my vintage dresses. My pinny is an old pattern but CK still sell them (around £20) and you can purchase them here.

And two... My next best pinny is a half apron which my middle daughter made for me as last years Mother's Day pressie. It's made from vintage bark cloth in a delightful floral print. Knowing how very useful I found the CK pinny pocket, my clever little bean made the apron with 2 deep front pockets; perfect! I don't wear this one quite as much as it is precious.

Clearly a pinny does not maketh the chef, but the right attitude towards the task at hand is incredibly important. No matter what you're doing, have the right equipment to hand and enter into it like you mean business! I did tell you Vintage Glamour is about much more than red lipstick and seamed stockings....


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